Key Commercialization Requirements

Invention + Market Opportunity


It's not just about the invention or product.

It's actually more about the market opportunity

Unique Competitive advantage


The invention/product must solve an unmet market need.

The business venture must be able to make significant profit with less than 10% penetration in the specific target market.

Commercialization processes must be effectively implemented to create a successful business


Product invention, research and development, opportunity validation, funding acquisition, business plan development, legal protection, market validation, engineering, manufacturing assessment and implementation, advertising and public relations, operations and sales processes  

5 Major elements for success

Opportunity Selection


Pick Technologies - Businesses that have national potential with the possibility of international penetration.

Asset Protection


Protect intellectual property with patents or trade secrets.

Business and Technology Sustainability


Insure that at maturity, the technologies or businesses are sustainable at less than 10% share of the target market segment.

Controlling Interest


Insure that the inventor does not have controlling interest in the business. 

Management Team


The management team for each business should be carefully selected, results oriented and rewarded for success..

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